And people wonder why we don't like lawyers…

28 years ago, the biggest private art heist in Massachusetts history took place. Seven paintings, including a Cezanne, were stolen from a private collection in Stockbridge — and were not heard from again for almost three decades.

But the truth has finally come out: the thief entrusted the stolen paintings to his lawyer — who held on to them ever since.

Now-retired criminal attorney (in several senses of the word) says that his client left the paintings with him, then got himself killed by guys he owed money to about a year later. The lawyer said he intended to return the paintings for the reward, but changed his mind when he found out the owner hadn’t had them insured.

So he kept them. He tried to sell them a couple of times, but they kept getting discovered as stolen and the auctions fell through.

Attorney Mardirosian says that he did nothing wrong. He says he passed on selling them several times, and his whole intention was to collect a 10% reward from the owner.

Mr. Mardirosian retired from practicing law back in 1995, but he might want do dust off his old law books and look up a few terms. “Possession of stolen property,” “accessory after the fact,” and “attempting to sell stolen property” might be good starting points.

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