"It's not easy being a cop!"

Boston, Massachusetts has some of the highest-paid police officers in the nation. Last year, many Boston cops made in excess of $100,000, some actually collecting more than the Chief and the Commissioner — largely due to paid details. (In Massachusetts, construction companies cannot use flagmen — they MUST hire a cop to babysit roadwork projects.)

With that in mind, I find myself looking at this story and of two minds about the situation:

1) The Boston cops are way, way overpaid if they are allowing this to happen.

2) The Boston cops are way, way underpaid if this is part of what they have to put up with.

Either way, something’s gotta be done.

Expect the mayor, the honorable Thomas M. “Mumbles” Menino, to announce a thug outreach program, while simultaneously calling for a crackdown on key rings coming in from New Hampshire.

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