Did Kennedy Molest Alito's Wife?

The left has their outrage hats on again, this time over this statement from Harball’s Chris Matthews:

MATTHEWS: …won’t they say something up beat and (bucking up)… isn’t she a great woman, didn’t she stand up-and then they’ll put the camera right on Ted Kennedy and show how he was the guy that molested her basically-that’s the way they’ll play it…

This kind of reminds me of the time they were all outraged over Matthews saying Osama bin Laden sounded like Michael Moore in a recent communication. Forgetting, of course, that Michael Moore once pointed out the rhetorical similarities himself.

But whatever. For the sake of clarity let’s go to the dictionary for the definition of “molest:”

mo·lest (mə-lĕst)
tr.v., -lest·ed, -lest·ing, -lests.

  1. To disturb, interfere with, or annoy.
  2. To subject to unwanted or improper sexual activity.

It sure seemed to me like Alito’s wife was disturbed and annoyed.

So what’s all this outrage about again?

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