Wizbang Bomb Squad – Sign Ups Are Now Open

Our community authored weblog, Wizbang Bomb Squad, is now open for sign up. There is a built in delay in the sign up process to prevent trolls and spammers. Right now the delay is set to 12 hours, but it will be increasing later this week to 24 hours. Once you sign up you will need to confirm (via a system generated e-mail) your e-mail address. The catch is you won’t get the confirmation e-mail until the delay period is up. Your author name is reserved at the initial sign up. If you don’t respond to the confirmation e-mail your ID will be purged within 48-96 hours.

Signup now.

Once you’ve signed up, be sure to join The Wizbang Bomb Squad discussion list at Google Groups so we can keep you updated on site news, policies, and events.

[Note: The earlier sign up link was borked up. The link has been fixed and the terms of service link works.]

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