I sure as heck don't have a dog in this fight…

Let me count the ways this story is utterly irrelevant to me:

1) I’m not Canadian.

2) I’ve never served in the Armed Forces of Canada, or any nation.

3) I’ve never set foot in Afghanistan.

4) I don’t drink coffee.

5) I’ve never worked for a coffee company.

Nonetheless, I think it’s a good story. Here are a bunch of eager consumers just begging to give a big company their money, and the company’s declining the chance. And the politics of the situation are pretty simple — all they have to say is “we are not taking a position on the war. We just see that a great number of the troops serving our nation would very much like to be loyal customers of ours, and are glad to expand our business to meet their needs.”

So, unless Tim Hortons would like to end up with the same type of black eye Starbucks got on 9/11, when an enterprising manager charged rescue workers $130 for bottled water for victims, they ought to at least publicly look into opening a branch in Kandahar.

(Thanks to the ever-gracious Wonder Woman for tipping me to this story — see here for a better accounting than I have above.)

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