Just Say No, Mr. Governor

A little over a year ago, I was proud to cast my vote for John Lynch, the Democrat who ran against incumbent Republican Craig Benson. Benson was a technocrat, a co-founder of Cabletron (now Enterasys) swept into office to bring “business sensibilities” to government. He apparently left that at the office, bringing only his arrogance and ego with him.

Lynch, I thought, would do a pretty decent job — at least better than Benson. And for the most part, I’ve been satisfied with him.

But now, Lynch is jumping on a bad bandwagon — and threatening to take the rest of the state with him.

Foreign policy is one of the places where the federal government does — and should — have supremacy. The several states have no business making individual deals with foreign governments. And in this case, it is abundantly clear what Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is trying to do — to drive a wedge between the states and the federal government, and the people and the federal government.

Chavez apparently thinks he can entice the American people into taking a stand against Washington’s policies, and while I doubt he expects a full-blown People’s Revolution, he might be hoping to erode enough support to effect some changes in DC.

Governor Lynch should take a principled stand, and tell Chavez to deal with Washington directly — not go, hat in hand, begging for handouts.

Can I claim him as a dependent on my taxes?
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