Media Still Demanding Bush Abramoff Pictures

Oh jeez…

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Three in four Americans want President George W. Bush to disclose his aides’ links with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, a demand the White House has rejected so far, according to a poll published on Saturday.

The Washington Post said the demand was supported by clear majorities of both Republicans and Democrats in the Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted between January 23 and January 26.

Abramoff pleaded guilty to fraud charges this month and agreed to help U.S. prosecutors in a corruption probe that has sparked calls for reform of the Washington practice of lobbying lawmakers with donations and favors to influence legislation.

I agree that the President should cooperate as much as possible with the investigation into the Abramoff matter, but I don’t think information about meetings between Abramoff and White House aides is really what the media is after. I think this statement from the article is a clearer indication of what the media wants:

At a White House news conference on Thursday, Bush said he did not know Abramoff and would not release photographs in which the two appeared together.

The media wants the pictures of Abramoff with Bush so they can draw him into this scandal – albeit superficially – and have the second term “Watergate” scandal they’ve been lusting after since Bush won last November.

If Bush needs to release information about meetings between White House people and Abramoff so be it. I think he should. But as far as these pictures are concerned I don’t think the President has a responsibility to provide the media with ammunition.

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