Milblog of the week

This week’s Milblog is once again courtesy of the ever-reliable Wonder Woman, and she heartily recommends “American Citizen Soldier.” It’s something I can agree to without reservation.

Buck Sargeant is a US Army sargeant (duh) currently leading an infantry team in Mosul, Iraq. Buck spent a year in Afghanistan before going to Iraq, so he’s got a healthy dose of Been There and Done That credibility.

This is the point where I usually cite a couple of the blog’s postings to give a flavor of what they’re all about, but I can’t pick any. They’re all great. And Buck has a gift for titles that leaves me deeply envious.

Hell, when Buck retires, he could probably walk into any tabloid newspaper and snag a job writing headlines for them.

You want proof? Fine. Just look at the sub-heads in this piece:

  • Once Upon a Time in Mosul
  • Bowling for Palestine
  • Inshallah for Dummies
  • Iraq Whips Syria, All Heck Breaks Loose
  • Coitus Misdirectus
  • Doc Clark: the Action Figure
  • Tyranny of the Minority
  • Dude, Where’s My Car Bomb?
  • Torture Statistics Long Enough and They’ll Confess to Anything
  • Deep Thoughts From the Crapper I
  • The Tao of Fox and Socks

Buck hasn’t posted in about a week, and I’m hoping he’s just too darned busy. Go on over and enjoy his superb blog — and pay for it with a few kind words to him and Mrs. Buck. They strike me as damned good people, ones we oughta be proud to have representing us around the world.

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