Pimp Our New Ride

Last week I mentioned that I’d be taking a few weeks off to concentrate on the Wizbang redesign. At some point this week I’m going to throw open the doors to the community portion of this site. That’s the part of Wizbang where you provide the content. There’s more details coming on how to signup (it will be automated), and what you can publish, but know that the site is technically ready to go…

The question is what to call it? Wizbang Diaries doesn’t quite sound right…

That calls for a contest…

I don’t have much to offer for the person who comes up with the best suggestion for a name, but I do have a promotional copy of newly released DVD, The Aristocrats. That DVD will go to the best suggestion (in my opinion) for a community name.

I want to name the site prior to opening signups, so I’m going to pick a winner on Wednesday.

Tell all your friends…

Update: It’s probably worth mentioning that the Wizbang brand name will proceed whichever entry is picked. For example, Wizbang Tech, Wizbang News, Wizbang Podcast, etc…

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