Personal Tech Updates

I’ve had two technical issues of late, and in both cases I turned to the readership of Wizbang for help. I thought folks might like a little news on how that worked out.

1) Browser woes.

I’ve switched almost exclusively to Firefox, and have had no problems. Once I got all the extensions and plug-ins I needed, it’s been fine. (I particularly like having my Google toolbar and the IE Tab ones, and Adblock and NoScript have quickly become essential.) I am not the hard-core raving fan that many disciples of Firefox are, but it does what I want and — more importantly — DOESN’T do what I don’t want it to do.

2) Hard drive issues.

EasyRecovery pulled a LOT of files off the defective drive, but I’m afraid it didn’t do much good. It gave every file it pulled off a generic name and what appears to be a random extension, meaning I can’t tell if they’re any good or not. I’m going to pull the drive out of the Frankenputer (so named because I started out with one machine and, piece by piece, gradually replaced every single component) and fight with it in a spare PC — probably one of those intended for my friend’s home schooling project. I also plan on getting another hard drive of at least equal capacity and Ghosting the buggered one on to it — just in case.

Again, my thanks to all who offered suggestions, advice, and commiserations. I have neither the financial resources nor level of commitment to actually seek professional help with this problem (or several personal issues that could probably use it, for that matter), but with luck I’ll get back a good chunk of those files. The drive in quesiton was my “media” drive, so nothing essential was on it — just a lot of pictures, video, and audio.

But that reminds me… I probably should do some kind of backup on the IMPORTANT stuff, especially since I got that 100 spindle of DVDs so cheap last week…

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