High Concept Piracy

I think of myself as an original thinker. Of course, what I often pass off as “thought” is usually finding ways to connect seemingly-disparate observations or finding a new perspective to an event, but since I’m defining myself, I can choose whatever terms i like.

But I’ve never been ashamed to see another’s thought and use it myself. As long as I give full credit to my source, I don’t believe I have violated any ethical standards.

That’s a rather long-winded way of saying that a commenter over at Willisms brought up what appears to be a truly brilliant point. CharlieDontSurf, consider yourself acknowledged for this idea:

Jack Abramoff and George Soros: compare and contrast.

Abramoff: convicted felon and big political money guy that everyone, especially the right, is trying to distance themselves from.

George Soros: convicted felon and big political money guy that the left lines up to take money from.

Perhaps Abramoff should have set up some professional shills like Media Matters and some 528 groups like Soros did, if he wanted to avoid getting into his current troubles…

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