The Quiet Man

Austin Bay notes that Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) might be in for a primary challenge from a fellow Democrat in his re-election bid, and that Lieberman says he WILL be on the ballot this November, regardless of the results of that primary. Bay suggests that the Republicans might want to court Lieberman into switching parties, especially in light of his current villification by large forces within the Democratic party.

Ever since I’ve first heard of him, I’ve liked Joe Lieberman. I loved the whole “Joe-mentum” thing, as it seemed a wonderful bit of self-deprecating humor that highlighted his low-key approach and personality. Hell, I remember back in 2000 (this was pre-9/11, recall) speculating that the country might be best served if we jettisoned the top of both tickets and let the vice-presidential nominees (Cheney and Lieberman) run things for a few years.

The only problem I see in Lieberman running as a Republican is logistics. He’s already on the ballot as a Democrat, and the Republicans are holding their primary on the same day. If Lieberman loses the primary, they can’t just unceremoniously dump whatever Republican wins the right to be on the ballot in November. If they run no one, then they are essentially conceding the seat to the Democrats — and, besides, they can’t just refuse to list anyone.

It’s a shame that Lieberman isn’t the firebrand Zell Miller is. He is in a great position to bring about desperately-needed changes in the Democratic party, but he’s just not the right guy to do it. On the other hand, he definitely has a lot to bring to the Republicans if he does let the whacko element push him out of his party.

I disagree with him on a lot of issues, but I’ve always respected him as a decent, thoughtful, honorable man. Pity those qualities are anathema to the folks who made Howard Dean as Democratic National Chairman.

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