That's a damned good question

Over at Willisms, Ken McCracken poses a very, very simple question, and one that I’ve wondered myself. Part of my ignorance can be ascribed to my own apathy about Congress; I just can’t get worked up about most of it. I occasionally discuss individual Congresscritters or a particular issue, but overall when issues about Congress come up, I usually suffer a bad case of MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over).

If you can answer Ken’s challenge, head on over there. Or if you need more than a sentence or a short paragraph, help yourself to all the space you need below. I’d like a few specifics (laws involved, particular incidents, and the like) besides the general invective and partisan blame-tossing that’s passed for actual discussion of facts.

Osama, the truce and what this war is really about
Once can be an accident, twice a coincidence...


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