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Just how bad is the crime problem in Massachusetts?

The Boston Herald has done a little digging, and they might have uncovered one big element: the revolving doors on the city’s jails.As an example, they cite one Anthony Williams, arrested three times in 48 hours, on three separate charges.

And all on the same street.

I hate to suggest anything as divisive as common sense to the fine folks who run Beantown, but here’s a thought: if a person is out on bail and gets arrested again, perhaps you shouldn’t let them out on bail again? At least not right away. Mr. Williams was busted Friday night for drug possession, Saturday morning for trespassing, and Sunday afternoon for possession of stolen property.

I can’t fault the police, however. As I understand it, under Massachusetts law the only criteria for setting bail is the likelihood that the suspect will show up for trial. There was a push a few years ago to add “dangerousness” to the criteria alongside “flight risk,” but I don’t recall if it passed or not.

And, apparently, it takes a hell of a lot to declare someone has violated their terms of release, forfeited their bail, and needs to be tossed back into the clink.

One more example of how I don’t think I could EVER live in Massachusetts…

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