Hey, I'm a victim, too!

This morning’s Boston Globe featured a column by Eileen McNamara, who is NOT the worst columnist at the paper as long as they have Derrick Jackson around.

Ms. McNamara sought out the judge who last week gave a teacher who had sex with his 15-year-old student a suspended sentence, under the legal theory that “it was ALMOST legal, because the student was ALMOST of the age of consent.”

Judges like Suzanne DelVecchio don’t normally give interviews to discuss cases and the results of the verdicts and sentences they hand down. In this case, though, I suspect Judge DelVecchio felt comfortable that she had a friendly ear here — and she was right.

Apparently Her Honor hasn’t dared set foot in a supermarket out of fear of being attacked by an outraged member of the unwashed masses. There’s nothing to back up her fears; she cites no threats to her person or other cases where judges suffered personally for their judicial conduct. But she (and Ms. McNamara) want us to feel compassion and sympathy for her anyway, and by extension applaud her courage in taking such a risky stand.

Ms. McNamara closes her column with these words:

In an ideal world, disagreement spawns rational debate of difficult and contentious issues. In this world, it sparks cries of ”off with their heads!”

That is indeed frightening, Ms. McNamara. But I haven’t heard such sentiments. The closest I’ve heard is “off with their robes!” — and being removed from office is a far cry from getting clubbed while buying produce.

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