Michael Moore Sounds Like Osama Bin Laden?

Peter Daou and a bunch of other people on the left are all bent out of shape because Chris Matthews said that Michael Moore sounds like Osama bin Laden.

I honestly don’t know what the problem is. I mean, Moore once favorably compared terrorists in Iraq to America’s freedom-fighting minutemen. Who else thinks those suicide-bombing, civilian-targeting cowards are “freedom fighters?” Osama bin Laden maybe?

Of course, all the lefties are going to pretend like Moore doesn’t really say stuff like that. But whatever.

Really though, I’d be more willing to listen to their complaints if there had been some outrage from the left over Harry Belafonte calling our President (repeatedly and unapologetically) “the greatest terrorist in the world” (in a foreign country standing next to one of America’s enemies, no less). Or even some outrage over Hillary Clinton appearing next to Belafonte at a fundraiser shortly after those comments.

I mean, if saying that Moore sounds like bin Laden, certainly implying that Bush is a worse terrorist than that man is, you know…worse.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for some condemnation for Belafonte or Clinton from the left.


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