It's Like That Old Joke…

You know the old joke… God calls the New York Times and says he’s had enough. The people of earth have screwed up long enough… they have 24 hours to get their affairs in order then he’s going to pull the plug.

The next day the New York Times runs the headline “World to End, Women and Minorities Hardest Hit.”

It would be funnier if this were not all so real. BET is running a story saying that global warming is going to harm blacks.

Global Warming Could Spell Disaster for Blacks

Posted Jan. 18, 2006 – If you thought Hurricane Katrina was a once-in-a-lifetime fluke, think again. Concerned environmentalists say that unless the United States gets real about the threat of global warming, African Americans and other people of color can expect a repeat of disasters like Katrina.

“When you look at the trends and put them all together, it’s undisputable that the sea levels are rising,” says Ansje Miller, director of the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative (EJCC). “Warmer seas mean more intense hurricanes…. You’re going to have intense flooding like we have never seen before. Katrina is really the hurricane of the future.”

Citing Katrina as a case-in-point, some environmentalists say global warming impacts minorities and the disadvantaged harder than other groups.

As I first published in the days after Katrina and have continued to publish in the last several months, WHITE PEOPLE WERE DISPROPORTIONALLY EFFECTED BY KATRINA. Study after study has shown that more white people died per capita than blacks and certainly they had more property damage. The richest, whitest sections of town were destroyed.

The BET reporter also makes the case sea levels are rising despite that fact it is not true. Forget the stupidity and bias in this story, it is demonstrably wrong.

That whites were disproportionaly harmed by Katrina made (very belatedly) the New York Times and the LA Times on the same day, he has no excuse at this point.

The thing that annoys me the most is that things like this story harm blacks as much as any plantation owner. At least when they were slaves their captivity was beyond their control. Now the blacks in America are held mental captives by their “leaders” who spew raw sewage that gets lapped up by the ignorant.

And as sure as I’m typing this, some blacks will believe this nonsense and continue the death spiral of paranoia that pervades their community.

The best thing that could happen for the black community today is not the Koyoto treaty. The best thing that could happen for the black community would be if all the so-called black “leaders” were struck dumb simultaneously.

Black “leaders” harbor and nurture paranoia over self-reliance and victimization over achievement. Until that ends, their is little hope for advancement for many in the black community. Blacks achieved physical freedom over a century ago… now all they need is intellectual freedom from their own so called leaders.

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