Questioning The Timing

Osama is apparently talking again:

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – Osama bin Laden warned in an audiotape aired Thursday that his fighters are preparing new attacks in the United States but offered the American people a “long-term truce” without specifying the conditions.

The tape, portions of which were aired on Al-Jazeera television, was the first from the al-Qaida leader in more than a year. It came only days after a U.S. airstrike in Pakistan that targeted bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, and reportedly killed four leading al-Qaida figures, possibly including al-Zawahri’s son-in-law.

The usual sources are quick to question the timing of this most recent communication.

JACK CAFFERTY: The last time we got a tape from Osama bin Laden was right before the 2004 presidential election. Now here we are four days away from hearings starting in Washington into the wire tapping of America’s telephones without bothering to get a court order or a warrant, and up pops another tape from Osama bin Laden. Coincidence? Who knows.

Video at the link.

I honestly don’t know how these people can make these accusations with a straight face. In order for us to take them seriously we have to be willing to believe that our federal government is creating these recordings on the sly and then planting with international sources so that they find their way to a media outlet willing to run with them.

Could this be happening? Sure, could be. Our government could also be hiding the wreckage of a crashed alien spaceship at a secret military installation in Nevada. Of course, there’s no credible evidence to suggest that either is true, yet some people believe these things anyway. The problem with one of these situations, however, is that the wild speculation and conspiracy theorizing is being done by professional media journalists (who sould know better) in front of an audience of millions.

That’s just not right. If Jack Cafferty and people like him have some credible evidence to suggest that these communications from bin Laden are some sort of government plot (outside of the idea that it is inconvenient for their politics that Americans be reminded of the fact that we are at war with global jihadists) then by all means let’s hear it. Otherwise, they should just shut up already.

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