Global Warming Crippling Russia, Europe

That global warming stuff is killing people again:

Arctic Temperatures Blanket Russia

Arctic temperatures blanketed Russia for a fourth day on Thursday, sending electricity use surging and pushing the death toll from the cold wave to at least 31 people as even hardy Russians struggled to cope with the big freeze.

Temperatures in Moscow plunged overnight to as low as minus 24, said Tatyana Pozdnyakova, a Moscow weather forecasting service official. The temperature was the lowest recorded on Jan. 19 since 1927, she said.

Seven people died of exposure in the Russian capital in the previous 24 hours, city emergency officials said, pushing the nationwide death toll from the Siberian cold wave that swept into Moscow late Monday to at least 31.

At a zoo in Lipetsk, south of Moscow, director Alexander Osipov said monkeys would be given wine three times day, “to protect against colds,” the RIA-Novosti news agency reported.

Electricity use surged to record levels and towns and cities struggled to keep indoor temperatures up. Children stayed home from school and drivers struggled to start cars.

Why people would live where it freezes when they know people will die from the cold is beyond me… You’d think they’d move or something.

And there was more global warming in Europe too…

Cold wave brings disruption to new EU states in East Europe

A cold wave brought disruption to the new EU member states of eastern Europe, with public transport hit as electric tram wires snapped and children stayed home from school, with temperatures as low as minus 30 Celsius (minus 22 Fahrenheit).

In Estonia, the authorities handed out extra food and clothing to homeless people in an effort to prevent deaths from hypothermia, said Marika Raiski, a spokeswoman for the social affairs ministry.

Homeless people were allowed to sleep at a number of train or bus stations during the cold spell, while shelters for the homeless that are usually open only at night kept their doors open 24 hours from Wednesday night.

The coldest temperature on Thursday, minus 30 C, was registered in the southeastern part of Estonia near the border with Russia.

In neighbouring Latvia, many schools were empty as parents kept their children at home as temperatures dropped to minus 30 degrees C Thursday morning in northern and eastern regions of the Baltic country.

According to Latvian law, children under 12 can skip school if temperatures fall to lower than minus 20 degrees C (minus four F).

DAMN! I’m glad I didn’t grow up in Latvia! That’s pretty hard core, sending 12 year olds to school in -4° F weather. Yikes.

Why is it everythime there is record heat we hear about global warming but when there is record cold not so much….

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