Don't close that book quite yet…

Yesterday, I wrote about a young girl who was put into a coma after a severe beating, allegedly at the hands of her surrogate parents. Her stepfather, apparently trying to avoid a murder charge, was fighting to keep her on life support, while the state sought to remove her ventilator and feeding tube. The Massachusetts supreme court ruled for the state, meaning that Haleigh Poutre might be allowed to die.

But not so fast.

Doctors caring for her reported slight changes in her condition. She is now breathing on her own, after four months of being on a ventilator, and showing some signs of responsiveness.

Doctors are preparing a full battery of tests on Haleigh, to see if she is somehow recovering from the horrific beating that might have killed an adult, someone with a fully-developed and grown brain. Apparently children’s brains are more resilient and adaptable than adults’, and there is a very — very — slim chance that she might recover from her current vegetative state.

A Case Study In Managing Expectations
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