Maryland Democrats Levy $100,000,000 Tax On Businesses, Customers


The Washington Post – Maryland lawmakers voted yesterday to raise the state’s minimum wage by $1 an hour, delivering a pay increase to more than 50,000 workers who toil on the bottom rung of the employment ladder.

“Toil at the bottom rung…”

You gotta love objective journalism. The article continues…

The Democrat-led Senate voted 30 to 17 to override Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.’s veto of the legislation, which will in 30 days officially increase the minimum wage in Maryland to $6.15 an hour, $1 more than what is mandated by federal law. The House, also led by Democrats, voted to override Ehrlich (R) last week.

Going with the idea that this pay hike impacts 50,000 workers we’re talking about businesses dealing with an additional $2,000,000/fourty hour week in wage expenses. That works out to $100,000,000 over a 50 week work year. That number may be a little higher or lower as these numbers are just based on generalizations, but the point is clear: This minimum wage hike is going to be a huge burden to businesses.

And who will end up dealing with that burden? The workers who get fired and the people who have to pay higher prices thanks to businesses dealing with the added expense of an increased minimum wage. But that’s beside the point, right? Demcrats will enjoy the warm fuzzies that go with pandering to their union supporters and can defend themselves from any Republican criticism by claiming that opposition to increased minimum wage is tantamount to not caring about low-income workers.

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