Milblog of the week: a call for nominations

For the last few weeks, I’ve been running a little feature on Thursday called “Milblog of the Week.” What I’ve been trying to do is to find blogs by active-duty military personnel and shine a little of the spotlight on them, singling them out for a little attention, praise, and support.

Over the course of that time, I’ve developed a few informal criteria for them. In addition to being well-written, I’ve tried to choose blogs created by those personnel who are currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, and ones that haven’t received a great deal of attention.

Last week’s choice of The Officer’s Club was an exception, but sometimes sheer quality wins out. Besides, Ken Vafier made a rather compelling argument in their favor, so I chucked my guidelines aside and went for sheer quality.

Another resource I’ve found useful has been It’s a pretty good site, a portal for milblog readers that lets you sort by any imaginable category — location, branch of the armed services, anything.

But I still wouldn’t mind a little help.

I’m always open to nominations, for someone to point me towards a worthy milblog. Just e-mail me the URL at TempoMan49(at) or jaytea(at) If you feel like tossing in more details, such as why you think they could use a little attention, include that too. Full credit will be given, unless you ask to go anonymous.

Oh, what a dilemma...
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