Truth Is Stranger Than Wonkette Fiction

The other evening I was browsing the magazine section at the local Borders when I came across Capital File magazine, an upscale society magazine from the publisher of Gotham, Hamptons, and Ocean Drive. Scanning through the index I noticed a column by Jessica Cutler, aka Washingtonienne. The gist of the column (not available online) was that a blogger with a new book out with whom she used to be friendly had a falling out with her over a cable news anchor (or possible a producer) that the married blogger wanted to have an affair with, then used that same plot line in her her novel. It should come as no surprise that the blogger formerly known as Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox, has a novel out, Dog Days, featuring just such a plot line.

Ana Marie might want to scoop up the lobby copies of Capital File magazine over at Congressional Quarterly Weekly where her husband (Chris Lehmann) is an editor…

Mob rule or oligarchy: I'll take C, none of the above
Who says "to live outside the law, you must be honest?"


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