New Hampshire: putting the "White" in the White Mountains.

As much as I love New Hampshire, I have to admit that we are easily one of the most homogenic states in the union. I’d call us the WASPiest, but we happen to have a rather sizable Catholic population — largely thanks to our many people who claim French Canadian or Irish ancestry.

For the most part, it doesn’t really matter. We tend to have a very accepting manner, based on the old-fashioned Yankee “ain’t nobody’s business what you do as long as you ain’t hurting nobody” attitude. We’ve got a rapidly-growing Somali population, for one, and several Catholic churches in the southern part of the state have found it useful to add at least one Mass a week in Spanish, for another.

But this lack of diversity does occasionally crop up in some odd ways, with some rather unusual cultural “blind spots” that can get exploited in some amusing fashion.

Which is a rather long-winded explanation for why, on the highway the other day, I spotted car with New Hampshire license plates that read “USHMUK” proudly emblazoned on them.

I have absolutely no idea if the person driving it was one of New Hampshire’s relatively few Jews, but I feel I can safely bet that none of the people in our DMV who reviewed that vanity plate request was…

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