The milk of human kindness

A while ago, I mentioned a hobby of mine — rebuilding old computers, getting them up and running again. I found a wonderful excuse for this when a friend of mine mentioned she runs a home-schooling co-op through her church, and were sorely lacking in computer stuff. It was almost a sign from above — an actual excuse productive application for my little vocation.

It was an odd thing. I mentioned it to some friends, and they started giving me their old cast-offs. It got to the point where on Christmas day, I delivered seven computers to my friend, along with a couple of monitors and scanners. I wrote about that the day after, figuring it would be a nice, warm-fuzzies story for the Christmas season — and, partly, because it was such a slow time, I was hurting for material.

I certainly never expected what happened next.

A long-time Wizbang reader and fellow New Hampshirite (also named Jay, but legitimately) saw that story, and it stuck with him. When his employer announced they were closing his office (and, coincidentally, letting him go), he was told to “get rid” of a bunch of computer equipment, in any way he saw fit, because they didn’t need it or want to ship it down to their other offices.

Jay’s original thought was to have some shotgun target practice, but his wife objected to the broken glass and plastic all over their property. That’s when my piece came to mind, and he fired off an e-mail to me: would my friend be interested? (He’s also a devout Christian, and the idea of helping out my friend’s church group appealed to him.)

She being a very devout woman, wasn’t free to express herself adequately. I’m not, however, so I answered for her with a hearty “hell, yes!”

It turns out Jay the reader lives about ten miles out of my way from my drive home. We talked a bit, worked out details and timing, and last night I swung by his house and loaded up ten monitors, all 17″ or greater, along with about a dozen keyboards and mice. NICE ones. Almost nice enough to tempt me to keep one of the monitors for myself.

And today, Jay’s last day in the job, he’s going to grab even more stuff, and I’ll collect that next week some time.

He’s already got another job, a lot closer to home, and even better, NOT in Massachusetts. Kinda makes me wonder if there’s something to this karma thing…

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