The Great Basement Refinishing Project

Last week I mentioned by quest for a new big screen TV as part of my basement refinishing project. It occurred to me that I’d not really discussed the actual basement construction. Here are side by side panoramic pictures (or as close as I could get without actually loading them into a panorama picture producing program), taken from a corner of the main play area. Both are thumbnails to much larger versions.

Starting from the left you can see the storage area, a large closet and the staircase (which had a wall and a door removed to open it up), and not shown beyond the stairs is a short hallway and full bathroom. The piece of drywall on its side in both pictures is the same item.

On the right you can see a wall (with an opening for double doors) which will be the media room, and to the far right (by the door) is the framing for a bedroom which extends farther to the right than is visible.

This weekend I’ll be doing the speaker wiring for the media room, having settled on the 7.1 surround sound option for the room. Compared to my pre-wiring of the grand family room (i.e. two stories), this little room should be a piece of cake…

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