The Carnival Of The Dumb Criminals

Dumb criminal stories are like potato chips – one is never enough. Given that mantra, I’m marginally proud to present the first edition of The Carnival Of The Dumb Criminals…

  • In New Orleans a FEMA worker was arrested for looting Darin LeBlanc’s house after LeBlanc caught him leaving the property with a plastic bin filled with several items, including his daughter’s flute. [Times-Picayune]
  • In Louisville, Kentucky local radio personality Todd Kelly is being investigated for claiming to have ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2001 then collecting over $150,000 for a bogus foundation he set up. Five years later the fact that Kelly never showed any symptoms of the degenerative disease prompted some to take a closer look at his story. [WAVE]
  • Landon McQuilkin, 21, arrested in November in Jacksonville, Fla., after he allegedly abducted a man and said he would kill him, relented to his victim’s “last request” to visit his girlfriend before he died; with McQuilkin waiting in the car outside her house, the victim went in, locked the door and called police. [News of the Weird]
  • The best man at a Virginia wedding has been sentenced to nine years in prison for torching the groom’s house during the honeymoon. [AP]
  • Washington Redskin safety Sean Taylor, ejected from last weekend’s playoff game for spitting on an opponent, got his trial on weapons charges moved to March. In opposing the request prosecutor Prosecutor Michael Grieco told the judge, “Mr. Taylor has not been a model citizen.” [AP]
  • In Wilmington, Illinois Kimberly Riordan, 32, reportedly took $10,000 to cover up the repeated raping of her quadriplegic daughter by a twice-convicted sex offender she hired as a babysitter. [Chicago Sun-Times]

If you’ve got more Dumb Criminal stories, feel free to join in via trackback or comment.

Update: Rather than making this a fixed schedule Carnival, I think it would work better as first come, first served Carnival. The next person who wants to host a Carnival of the Dumb Criminals should just claim the mantle (here in the comments) then post their edition. Once their Carnival edition is posted the next host would claim it from them, etc.

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