A darned good question

Last month, I mentioned a case in Massachusetts where one alleged drunk driver plowed into another alleged drunk driver, killing the second guy and injuring his passenger, then fled for home. At the time, I snarked about how “at least no innocents were injured,” as it looked like one drunk driver had kept another one off the road for good.

Well, the dead guy’s family is a bit annoyed. While John F. Comeau III is facing charges of second offense OUI and two counts of leaving the scene of an accident, he’s not been charged with vehicular homicide.

While it’s true that the guy he killed had no business being on the road himself, that is irrelevant. Comeau could have killed anyone that night, and he ought to face the harshest charges.

Prosecutors say they haven’t ruled out adding more charges, and good for them. Comeau needs to spend a great deal of quality time as a guest of the Commonwealth, and kept far, far away from steering wheels.

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