3 Answers on Abortion

In reaction to my earlier post on the stupid pro-abortion protester. Tas has said I need to address 3 issues.

1) Abortions have been practiced for centuries

So has murder and slavery. You arguing for them too?

2) Like anything that has been practiced for centuries, abortions will continue to be practiced whether or not the procedure is illegal

So has murder and slavery. You arguing for them too?

3) Making the procedure of abortion illegal will only led to more unsafe abortions being performed, which then leads to more innocent adult women being injured and killed

He wants me to address a hypothetical he can not. He offers no evidence of any kind the scope of his hypothetical problem. He doesn’t even address the number of women killed (not including the babies) by legal abortions every year. No cost benefit analysis can be done devoid of both cost and benefits.

This argument is about as meaningless and #1 and #2.

Then he sort of offers a 4th point:

If you wish to enforce you morals upon America and make abortion illegal, then what’s your plan to reduce the number of women who die because of your actions?

“Enforcing morality” is such a stupid argument it hardly is worth debating… so I’ll do it quickly. All laws enforce morality. Does Tas want us to get rid of murder, rape, age of consent, fraud, blackmail, et al laws? It makes for great hyperbole but not much better than “Well they’ve done abortions for years.”

Slavery, for many centuries, enjoyed far more public popularity than abortion has today. There were down sides to abolishing slavery too. (like 650,000 people dead for starters.*) Using Tas’ arguments (if you can call them that) we should have kept slavery too.

So the sum total of tas’ arguments are that abortion has been around a long time and something bad might happen if we stop doing them.

Can anyone on the left make an intelligent argument today?

Quick Update For the record my initial post was not about abortion as much as it was the stupidity of the protester. And in reality this post is not about abortion as much as it is nuking goofy arguments. I could (if forced) make far better arguments FOR abortion than tas has. I can’t (well won’t) stop people from arguing abortion in the comments but this really has nothing to do with it.

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* Assuming the conventional wisdom that the civil war was fought over slavery. But that’s another post for another day.

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