Some days I just love the Boston Herald…

Especially on days when they give me so many good stories to blog about. Today’s one of those days, and there are so many, I’m gonna stick a bunch in this roundup.

First, one of the biggest complaints people have these days about teenagers is that they have no work ethic, no interest in doing the ugly jobs. As a counterpoint, I’d like folks to meet 17-year-old Jarrad Natale, a kid who has absolutely no fear of getting his hands dirty on the job. Or his feet. Or his legs. Or his whole body. Mark my words, this kid will go far — if he survives.

Next, we have five guys who work at a Boston auto body shop who got mixed up in a mugging. Mixed up, as in “spotted a dirtbag chasing a woman, knocked him down, and held him for the cops, then walked the lady home.” In 49 states, they’d be hailed as heroes. But since this is Massachusetts, I’m worried that they’ll be charged with assault and battery, unlawful restraint, and be sued by the would-be mugger for injuries and depriving him of his livelihood.

But just to prove that this is, indeed, Massachusetts, we have the latest from the City Council. As a response to last year’s 10-year-high murder rate (75, more than one every five days), Councilor Rob Consalvo wants gunmakers to install GPS trackers on all handguns. If one can be put on a snowplow, or a schoolbus, or a ton-and-a-half car, what’s the difficulty in putting a transmitter on to a handgun that weighs less than a pound or so? And, of course, to make it impossible to remove?

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