Tom Reilly's tangled web

Last week, I wrote about the Massachusetts’ Attorney General (and would-be governor), who apparently intervened into a car crash investigation that killed two teenage sisters, and injured their friend. At the time, I was willing to give him a bye, as I could see that this was probably motivated by compassion, not corruption.

But more and more details have emerged, and it doesn’t look good for Mr. Reilly’s reputation.

At first, it came out that the girls’ father had given $300 to Reilly’s campaign. This led to a lot of jokes about the cost of living in Massachusetts, and how it ain’t so bad if you can buy the AG so cheap.

But then even more came out. It turns out that the family’s neighbor, the fellow who had served as the family’s spokesman at the time of the crash, is Bob Davis, co-founder of Lycos. And Mr. Davis happens to be a very big supporter of Mr. Reilly. In fact, Mr. Murphy — the girls’ father — had made his $300 contribution to Mr. Reilly at a fundraiser hosted by Mr. Davis, which garnered about $10,000 for Mr. Reilly. And Mr. Davis has confirmed that he called Mr. Reilly about the crash.

This is so typical of Massachusetts. Even when things seem like they might be a real bargain, the hidden costs will drive it out of reach of most people.

Another ironic element is that right around New Year’s Day, Reilly announced that he had been arrested for public drunkenness back in the early 60’s, when he was 20 years old. The record was later expunged after he kept his nose clean afterwards. Everyone gave a collective shrug at the news, saying “BFD.” But now with this case, the connection between Reilly and youthful drinking is reinforced.

So, let’s sum up Mr. Reilly’s positions. He’s in favor of granting illegal aliens in-state tuition, and against arresting and deporting them. He believes in helping quash investigations into how a three teenage girls got drunk and wrecked an SUV, kiling two of them and injuring a third, and taking out power to a good chunk of town. He cracks down on supermarkets, natural-foods stores, and Wal-Mart SuperCenters that want to be open on Christmas day for shoppers, but gives a pass to Asian markets that ignore the ban.

Yup. By Massachusetts standards, he oughta win in a landslide. Hell, he could almost qualify for Senator, if he had more hair.

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