Nonsense Poll Numbers

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This is a snippet I swiped from a piece Kevin blogged below. According to an ABC/WaPo poll:

Fifty-three percent of Americans want the Senate to confirm Alito to the Supreme Court, 27 percent oppose his confirmation, and 20 percent are undecided.

Complete and utter nonsense. And I don’t have to be a pollster to call BS on these numbers.

I don’t know the real numbers but I’m thinking this is more accurate:

53% of the people polled had no freaking clue that we were replacing a Supreme Court Justice but pretended they did on the phone. 27% knew about it but had no idea what the guy’s name was, but they also pretended they did on the phone. 20% knew enough to really form an opinion.

I promise you less than 80% of the people in America know Alito’s name.

It is like when they give approval numbers on Vice-President. At any given moment in time, half the people can’t even name the current VEEP; how the hell can they judge his performance?

Last month I saw polling numbers on the Secretary of State’s job performance. Get Real. 70% of the people in this country don’t even know what the Sec of State does much less have the ability to name her or judge her performance.

(Yes. I’m making my statistics up but so is the WaPo. You get the point.)

Most people in America ignore politics. Sure we bloggers in our sphere (no pun intended) know every little detail… Go walk down the street and ask people their opinion on Alito vs Roberts and you’ll get mostly blank stares.

I see this all the time in the media and it drives me insane. To the extent this number means anything, it is more a measure of Bush’s approval rating and how much or little the Dems have trashed the nominee.

The big media is completely poll obsessed. But the reality is, most of the numbers they produce are meaningless.

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