Post Snares Blogger In Propaganda Story

Raw Story has a pretty good wrap-up of the controversy about a Washington Post article which combined coverage of blogger Bill Roggio‘s reader financed embedding in Iraq with a story about the paid military information operations (i.e. planting favorable stories in the press) in Iraq.

Essentially, the piece seemed to suggest that Roggio was an active participant — or even a propagandist — in the Pentagon’s Iraq “media wars” because the Marines had invited him to attend. In essence, the Post reporters folded Roggio into a story about military propaganda when he never received any money for his writing and had to raise $30,000 to mount the trip. Roggio has, however, expressed his interest in highlighting the “underreporting of the military’s success and strategy.”

Multiple calls and emails to Jonathan Finer and Doug Struck went unreturned. Washington Post ombudsman Deborah Howell told RAW STORY by email that she was “looking into it,” though it’s unknown whether she’ll be tackling the controversy in print.Finer and Struck took two potentially interesting stories and attempted to combine them into one. Neither seemed to care when warned in advance that the two topics weren’t related, which I suppose is hardly suprising…

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