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This week’s milblog is Archive of a Mad Marine, written by siliddar. siliddar didn’t have the greatest of Christmases, but doesn’t want any of our pity. He reminds us:

Which all really ties back in to my position on the whole “support the troops” fad back home. It seems to me that many people are pitying us. We appreciate the help, the support, and the prayers, don’t get me wrong, but a big flaming F you if you pity us as if we somehow had no choice in the matter. We knew the risks, we knew what we were getting into. We are out here, getting shot at, shooting, killing and dieing because we don’t want you to. We endure 100+ hour weeks, a week at the pumphouse with less sleep through the entire week then a normal person gets in a sleep-in saturday, the gunfire, and the death, so you do not have to. Support us, Pray for us, help us out when you can, but don’t feel bad for us. There’s plenty of bad running around here, we don’t need your help in that department. Be thankful, send up a prayer or two, and send me some cookies.

He also has some thoughts on Guantanamo that certainly bear considering. He’s also a nerd. (Guy needs to check out GURPS.) And he really, really likes his cool new little surprise toy.

Do that. It ain’t much to ask. And give him a few kind (but non-pitying) words while you’re at it.

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