Howard Stern's Daughter Quits Naked Madonna Sex Romp


All of the New York gossip columns run with stories about 22-year-old actress Emily Stern’s departure from the lead role of Madonna in an off- Broadway show which featured her completely naked. The Jewish Theater of New York production of “Kabbalah,” is now shut down, and the producer is pissed – lashing out at both Sterns.

“After I cast her in late September, her father called her in for a meeting,” [Tuvia] Tenebom recounted. “She came back very shaken. She said, ‘My father basically told me that if I take the role [which requires her to be on stage nude for the last 10 minutes], that his enemies would buy blocks of tickets, throw garbage at my vagina, take nude pictures of me and put them all over the Internet.’

Sort of like if she’d appeared on The Howard Stern Show…

Emily Stern had been appearing in the role since mid November and the run, which was widely panned, was scheduled to end January 28th. Apparently Emily got spooked by traffic on Stern fan web sites (or on XM competitors Opie and Anthony’s show fan sites) that indicated there were fans snapping pictures and posting the images. The fetching actress decided to hangup her Madonna boobie cones, leaving the producers of the play in a lurch. Ironically her move attracted more attention to the show it than if she’d completed the run in obscurity.

Stern daughter rudely exposed to stage world – [New York Daily News]
Daddys fame has her bailing – [Newsday]

Kabbalah Video (SFW)

Jay Tea adds: That link doesn’t work for me, but has a clip, too — the images are SFW, the dialogue isn’t.

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