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The other day, I was stuck behind a car with Massachusetts plates and a remarkable collection of peace-oriented bumper stickers. I snickered at the naivete expressed by the various sentiments, but one of them stood out — and I think I found one more truth in one than the owner intended.

The sticker is here. For those who don’t want to go look, it’s a stylized form of the word “COEXIST.” From the description:

Every letter has a symbol that represents a system of thought: The crescent and star for Islam; the pentagram for Wicca; the relativity formula for science; the star of David for Judaism; the Karma Wheel dotting the i for Buddhism; the Tao symbol for Taoism; the cross for Chrisitianity.

I doubt the designers intended it this way, but I think it entirely appropriate that the Islamic star and crescent comes first, and is largest. These days, with the vast majority of current conflicts having an Islamic element on at least one side, it certainly seems as if Islam has the most to learn about peaceful coexistence.

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