Answering a plagiarist

Last week, when I wrote why I am a supporter of Israel, one commenter was struck speechless. I so dumbfounded “Montreal” (the moron, not the city) cut and pasted an entire opinion piece from AltMuslim into the comments thread. In all fairness, he did include the author’s name and a link to the piece, but from what I can tell, the only thing he/she/it had to say on their own was their own signature name — and that they took from Canada, too.

I could take the easy way out, just note that “Montreal” said nothing of their own, and therefore really had nothing to rebut. But I think not. Let’s look at those ten proposed “movies” and hold them up to reality, shall we?

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1) “King David Hotel” — as I understand the Geneva Convention, combatants are required to stay away from civliians as much as possible, not to mingle with them. The British set up their military headquarters in a civlian hotel, and ignored several warnings that they would be attacked. Therefore, under international law, the onus is upon them. This is the same principle that should apply to “human shields” as a tactic — whether it’s Saddam sticking his useful idiots on top of armories, or Palestinian terrorists surrounding themselves with women and children.

2) “Nakba.” Ah, yes, the tragic story of the 800,000 refugees created shortly after the creation of Israel. But no one ever talks about several uncomfortable other facts:
A) The refugees fled at the urging of their Arab neighbors, who promised them they could return once the Jews were driven into the sea.
B) The refugees have been deliberately kept ostracized and in squalor by their host nations, forbidden to assimilate as long as they have value as political weapons.
C) The total number of refugees created wasn’t 800,000, but 1.6 million — the other half is the forgotten half. They are the Jews driven out of the Arab nations and who resettled in Israel, where they started from scratch — most with literally only the clothes on their backs — and built new lives. Know why their victimization doesn’t get as much play? Partly because they refused to stay victims. As I said before, life handed them lemons and they built an empire of lemonade franchises out of it.

3) USS Liberty. Bad things happen in the heat of war. The US government has repeatedly investigated the incident, and the conclusion is always the same: it was not a deliberate attack on the US, but a case of mistaken identity. Israel has repeatedly apologized, made reparations, and cooperated fully with every single investigation. Similar incidents have occurred before. Recall the USS Stark’s and the USS Vincennes‘ own adventures n the Persian Gulf.

4) Sabra & Shatila: Note the subtle form of racism here. The columnist absolves the actual butchers of any and all responsibility for their acts, putting the full onus on Israel for permitting it to happen.

5) Mordechai Vanunu: admitted traitor who violated his signed oaths to reveal the highest of state secrets of Israel. (A quick aside: Israel has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, so its possession of nuclear weapons — never formally admitted — is not a violation of international law.) Had Israel a death penalty, he could have been executed.

6) The Hebron Massacre: This one might be worthy of a movie. After all, movies are made about extraordinary events, not the mundane. An Israeli shooting and killing over two dozen Palestinians, and wounding 100 more, was a singular event in Israel’s history, and brought shame to the entire nation. Contrast with the celebrations that would — and do — occur when the converse happens, on a semi-regular basis.

One notes that there is no memorial to Dr. Baruch Goldstein (who was beaten to death at the scene) in Israel. Compare with the UNICEF-sponsored summer camp named after Wafa Idris, the first female suicide bomber, who killed one and injured over 100.

7) Qana: In 1996, Hezbollah attacked Israel with mortars and rockets from a position only 300 yards from a refugee camp. Israel’s returning fire hit the camp, killing over 100. Funny how nobody brings up the initial Hezbollah attack, or blames them for setting up their attack so close to civilians (see #1 above).

8) Gaza. Once again the story of Mohammed Al-Dura comes up, But once again the full story is overlooked — further investigations have given strong evidence that the boy was most likely struck by Palestinian bullets, and further speculation that it was done to punish the father for allegedly “collaborating” with Israel.

9) Rachel Corrie: Another example of the subtle racism. Rachel Corrie was opposed to Israel destroying homes of terrorists, and the building she was defending contained a weapons-smuggling tunnel. She was so convinced of the invincibility of her white skin and American passport that she thought that would deter a bulldozer that would presumably run down any of the locals. Unfortunately for her, she took her moral stand on unstable ground, in front of a bulldozer that had been armored to protect the driver from attacks. That armor kept the driver from seeing her fall, and she was crushed by the debris pushed by the bulldozer.

Note that this didn’t stop the tools at ISM from faking photos of her, claiming she had been “run over” by the bulldozer and painting a completely false image of the events. Further, the ISM claims the moral high ground and says they don’t take sides, but they’ve been caught hiding armed terrorists in their offices.

10) Here’s a really interesting one. I can’t find the actual event this “Refuseniks” is based on, but it strikes me as odd that the author chooses Natalie Portman — a Jewish actress born in Israel — to play the pregnant Palestinian woman, while those noted Semites — Matt Damon and Ben Affleck — play the Israelis. They must be from that lost tribe of Jews, the O’Goldsteins, that ended up in Boston via Ireland.

Gee, sometimes it’s just too easy…

Taking the "blind justice" notion a bit too literally...
Happy New Year!
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