Bloggers Strikeout On UK Torture Memos

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Lefty UK bloggers, Blair watchers, and now Daily Kos are trumpeting their coordinated release (or rather mirroring) of two documents from a forthcoming book by UK. Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray about British and US use of information obtained via torture.

Here’s how Murray puts it:

The British Foreign Office is now seeking to block publication of Craig Murray’s forthcoming book, which documents his time as Ambassador to Uzbekistan. The Foreign Office has demanded that Craig Murray remove all references to two especially damning British government documents, indicating that our government was knowingly receiving information extracted by the Uzbeks through torture, and return every copy that he has in his possession.

With nary a peep of questioning they accept Murray’s assertion that the Foreign Office is blocking release or reference to these documents. And the errors on Murray’s website only add to their suspicion.

It raised my suspicion too – who would block and entire website save for the only page anyone really wants to access [At the time this story was published that page was the only page at that worked – the entire site is now available. ]. The self promoting author perhaps?

Pity it appears that Markos, the UK bloggers, and the rest of the pack have been played by a book hustler. From a BBC report October 17, 2004 report.

In the leaked telegram, printed in the Financial Times, he wrote that the use of information gained by torture was “morally, practically and legally wrong”.

And from their super exclusive document dump:

I gather a recent London interdepartmental meeting considered the question and decided to continue to receive the material. This is morally, legally and practically wrong.

Yep, Tony Blair and Jack Straw must be trembling over the release of documents that were published in an English newspaper over a year ago…

It’s all so very Downing Street Memo-ish, don’t you think?

Update: Well at least Murray didn’t come back from Uzbekistan empty handed

Update 2: Murray joins with Cindy Sheehan and George Galloway to complete the moonbat triumvirate at a conference 2 weeks ago

Update 3: The BBC link was mistakenly omitted in the initial publication.

The essence of the story is that anyone with a modicum of interest in searching Google can see that the information Murray “released” is the same information that he’s been talking about for years. The memo from Michal Wood appeared in The Sunday Times March 27, 2005, as of last evening there were only those were the only two documents available on Murray’s site.

There is some confusion about whether we are talking about two or four documents. This confusion is due to the layout of Murray’s evidence. The first 3 letters are part of “document #1” while the Wood memo is “document #2.” I’ve now shown by links that each of the two document sets has been previously published in whole or in part.

Nice scoop…

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