Iraq and the 60's

Discarded Lies is a pretty damned good site. It’s unfortunate that it’s largely known as a “second home” for some of the Little Green Footballs crowd, and it’s so much more. It provides a great deal of analysis and thought on a variety of topics, and while the style is a bit not to my liking, it’s a hell of a good read.

Right now, “Levi from Queens” has a piece up that definitely deserves a lot of attention.

A lot of people have said that Iraq has a lot in common with Viet Nam, and in general are having far more 60’s flashbacks than is healthy. Levi (who knows a lot more history than I do) has taken a very, very careful look at the situation in Iraq, and is drawing his own parallel to the 60’s. His conclusion: there are a lot of them, but the anti-war crowd is off by about a century.

I’m quite sure that a bunch of people know a lot more about that period in American history than I do, so I’ll let you folks pick apart the details. But what I know about it matches up pretty good with Levi’s accounting… and it oughta serve as a warning.

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