Simplifying matters

I’ve written a couple of times about Evandro Doirado, the man accused of kidnapping a mother and her two-year-old son, raping the mother repeatedly over the course of a couple of days, until the woman managed to plea for help and police rescued her. After his arrest, it came out that Mr. Doirado was not only most likely an illegal alien here from Brazil (committing the kidnappings and rapes that Americans don’t want to do, as the saying goes), but he was also likely to be HIV-positive — a detail his attorney doesn’t think his alleged victim has a right to know.

Well, Mr. Doirado had his bail hearing recently, and the judge ruled that he posed a threat to the community and denied him bail. (It was flamingly obvious to anyone, but this IS Massachusetts here.) As part of the hearing, a police officer said that Mr. Doirado had given a very calm, matter-of-fact description of his whole crime spree.

Please, can’t we haul this walking escapee from a cesspool into federal court, where he just might get the death penalty? What he did has to fall under the federal carjacking and kidnapping statutes…

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