At 3:31 this morning, I was awakened by a crank call. Two apparently drunken college students thought it would be funny to wake me from a sound sleep and insult me and subject me to a stream of profane insults.

OK, it wasn’t that sound a sleep, and I did my damndest to ruin their fun. I traded them insult for insult, tossing their own feeble efforts back in their faces, and mocked them as relentlessly as I would a Kos Kiddie. After about five minutes, they got bored of hearing their own attitude and hung up.

So I immediately did the *69 to get their number — no joy; blocked ID. So I called my phone provider — Comcast — to report it. I figured that since I pay good money to them, I was entitled to grouse a bit when someone breaks the law like that.

Here’s what I took from the Comcast representative: if you get such a call, you can dial *57 on your phone, and the call will be logged in their system. After three such calls, you can complain to the police and then Comcast will release the information — but only to a law-enforcement official.

So I dialled the number, and was informed that there was a “fee” involved in logging the call. They message didn’t tell me how much, but would I like to continue anyway? Not knowing if it was 15 cents or 1,500 dollars per call, I thought not. So I called Comcast back.

The fee is 3 bucks. Per call. Which may be waived by a supervisor, at their discretion.

So, if you’re looking to have some fun making harassing and/or obscene phone calls, make it to someone who has Comcast for their phone system. You can get away with it twice without worrying about the police, and if you’re really lucky, you can stick your victim with a $6.00 bill for the privilege of being your victim.

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