Mixed signals

Christmas this year was delightful. I was invited to spend it with a very dear friend and her family. I came bearing gifts, and lemme tell you, the Shaggin’ Wagon truly earned its keep hauling this load around.

As I mentioned before, my friend runs a home-schooling co-op through her church. A hobby of mine is salvaging and rebuilding older computers, and her needs just happen to give me a way to dispose of them once I’m done playing.

This Christmas, I took over two monitors, two scanners, and seven computers. The PCs ran between 150 MHz and 233MHz for the most part, terribly obsolete but sufficient for her needs. (The exceptions were two former corporate work stations, PIII-600’s that lacked optical drives — they need the low-profile drives to fit in there, and I didn’t have any.)

So, anyway, I’m off to this friend’s home where she and her entire family (husband and five children) are all very devout Christians. (The two dogs, three cats, and assorted chickens and ducks might also be, but I neglected to ask.) It’s arguably the holiest day of the year for Christians, and I’m bearing gifts for her and her church.

On the other hand, I’m a confirmed, born-again, dyed in the wool agnostic. I respect her faith, but I don’t share the slightest shred of it.

I figure this might be a sign. This might be someone’s way of indicating that it’s about time I got over my agnosticism and find within me a way to acknowledge the existence of a higher power, that there really is something beyond my baser instincts that I should listen to.

About that time I was travelling through Nottingham, NH (I live in Manchester, and they live in Maine), and I happened to look up and see the sign for this place off to the left.

Unfortunately, they’re only open to couples and families…

Radio Daze
A public service announcement


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