The face of evil gets even more twisted

Earlier this week, I wrote about Evandro Doirado, the Massachusetts man accused of a truly terrifying series of crimes. At that time, I called for his immediate, summary execution — and the only complaints from readers was I was being too kind.

Today, there’s yet more news out about him — and somehow, beyond my own expectations, it’s even worse.

It appears that not only is Mr. Doirado an illegal alien, here from Brazil, but he also may be HIV-positive.

Prosecutors want him tested. His defense attorney objects.

The vigilante in me sees two possible solutions to this problem.

1) Conduct the test in the course of an autopsy.

2) “Mr. Nagle, you object to your client being tested for HIV?”

“I do, your honor. There’s no legal basis for this.”

“Bailiff, stick the defendant with this hypodermic, then stick defense counsel with it.”

“Your honor, I wisthdraw my objection.”

Details of mr. Doirado’s alleged offenses in the extended section.

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Mr. Doirado allegedly had a disagreement with another gentleman during and alleged drug deal and allegedly stabbed him quite seriously. Allegedly believing that he had killed the other gentleman, Mr. Doirado allegedly decided to “have some fun” before going to jail. With that in mind, he allegedly kidnapped a young mother and two two-year-old son, allegedly repeatedly raped her over two days, often in front of the boy, allegedly forced her to a liquor store to buy booze, where she mouthed “help me” and the name of the hotel where she was allegedly being held. The liquor store clerk called the police, who arrested him at the hotel.

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