Do The Superbowl Shuffle?

As any fantasy football player will tell you the “Superbowl” of fantasy leagues takes place, depending on the league, anywhere from week 15 to week 17 of the NFL’s regular season. In my CBS Sportsline league the Superbowl game is this week (NFL week 16). Were I not in the championship game of one of my leagues I obviously wouldn’t be writing this post….

Due to the extended NFL schedule this holiday weekend I find that I have three players playing on Sunday and Monday while my opponent’s team has all played. It’s mostly a stalemate at this point as I have Larry Johnson vs. his Shaun Alexander. Since his whole team has played he’s up 25 points going into the Sunday and Monday games. Right now this is who I have playing.

Tom Brady (QB New England)
Cedric Houston (RB New York Jets)
Derrick Mason (WR Baltimore)

If Tom Brady has a two or three TD day I’ll probably win on his stats alone, but one must always prepare for the worst. As luck would have it I have two comparable reserves that play on Sunday and Monday.

Michael Bennett (RB Minnesota)
David Givens (WR New England)

Since neither the starters nor the reserves games have yet begun I can switch either (or both) of my starting RB or WR slots.

So if you were in my situation, and you that close to the championship, which WR and RB would you play, and why?

Update: I decided to stay with my initial lineup and was rewarded with an 18 point game from Derrick Mason (one of his best of the season). With a top QB and a RB facing only a 7 point deficit victory is tantalizingly close… Assuming Brady plays Monday sticking with my initial instincts appears to have been the right call.

Merry Christmas!
Rogue Employee or Algorithmic Coincidence?


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