We know where you live, part II

A while ago, I wrote about a pro-gay-marriage group in Massachusetts that is not happy about the current petition drive to overturn the court’s ruling authorizing gay marriage. In fact, they started a web site that listed all the signers of the petition. THey say that it’s just so people can make sure they haven’t been forged on to the petition, and to encourage people to politely discuss the issue with their neighbors who do sign it, and so on.

It’s certainly not done for the purpose of intimidation. Heavens, no.

Well, they’ve got a listing up now. I dunno if they have all 123,000+ Bay Staters who signed the petitions, but they got a lot.

Back when I first covered this, I wrote that I had discovered the name, address, and phone number of one of the key organizer’s place of business, but wasn’t going to publish it. Others had no such compunctions, but I didn’t see it as appropriate.

However, they have published contact info on their web site. No actual physical addresses, but phone numbers and e-mails.

Sauce for the goose, Mr. Saavik…

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