Voting with their feet

For the second year in a row, US Census data shows that Massachusetts is losing people. Well, not really losing them — it’s not like someone put them down just a minute ago, and they have to be around here somewhere — but the population of the state has shrunk, and this has politicians worried, because things like federal dollars and congressional seats are based on information like this.

The usual suspects are trotted out: the cost of housing, the harsh New England winter, and the boom going on in the South and West. But while that might explain why Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island are all shrinking, it doesn’t explain why the rest of the Northeast states did grow — albeit not by much.

I think it’s a grand opportunity to put some arguments to the test. “Immigration advocates” (the term illegal alien apologists give themselves) say that illegal aliens are a net gain to the economy, while those of us on the other side (I like to call us “realists”) say they cause far more harm than good. In Massachusetts, the illegal alien population is pretty much the only growing segment. Why not just look at how the Bay State handles this shift in demographics, and see what we can learn?

If the other side is right, the state’s coffers will soon be bulging and they can point to a great success.

But, if it goes as I expect, and soon the state reaches critical mass where enough of the productive individuals and businesses get fed up with carrying more and more of the financial burden and just up and leave, the whole “we need illegal aliens” argument will be discredited as the utter tripe it is.

Of course, one only need look at the current state of Massachusetts to see which way the Commonwealth would go.

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