Reading… So Important to Blogging.

I just can’t help but give David Andersen a hard time. I made a post this morning that was satire and he took the bait.

It just goes to prove the old adage, that Democrats should be careful what they wish for, they just might get it. The whole story is complete hypocrisy. The Dems don’t gave a rats hind-quarter about the rule of law or civil liberties. All they want to do bash a President since they couldn’t beat him at the ballot box.

Of course David would never want Gorelick to answer for the Clinton administration.

There is a great irony in David talking about Kool-aid drinkers on the right. What Clinton did was demonstrably more egregious than anything Bush did and Bush had 9/11 as cause. Yet the lefties ignore that fact and just point fingers- and drink the kool-aid. This story is doomed to failure just like all the other nonsense they have tried.

But that fact -like the point of my post- is lost on David.

Perhaps if David spent more time reading he’d get some things called facts. But then who would want those to get in the way of a good liberal fairy tale huh?

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DSA- Sorry dude but you earned that one. 😉

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