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MilBlog of this week is Miserable Donuts, a group blog. Major John is currently in Afghanistan, and he’s working hard on helping the Afghans develop their own nation after decades of misuse and abuse, both from without and within. He’s helped bring much-needed medical supplies and equipment to the country, learned just what is needed to keep operating in the brutal Afghan winter, critiqued their architecture, and challenged a seated senator and distinguished veteran.

And in his spare time, made sure that certain parties did not suffer for lack of proper identification and end up kept out of places they need to go.

So head on over there and pass along a few kind words to Major Don and his colleagues — Amiga 3000, Mighty Quinn, Tempus42, Running Dog, and Inner Prop. It’s almost Christmas, and spreading a little seasonal cheer will do everyone a world of good.

I am always accepting nominations for MilBlog Of The Week. Just e-mail them to jaytea (at), or TempoMan49 (at)

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