MilBlog Murder Mystery

MilBlogger Paul Berkley (aka Legibletrout) was murdered on Sunday. He was home on leave from Navy Fifth Fleet Headquarters in Bahrain, when he and his 26-year-old wife Monique were shot by two assailants at 3am in a park in Raleigh, North Carolina. Paul was 46.

Monique, who sustained a minor gunshot wound to her left shoulder, has since been arrested and charged with Paul’s murder, along with two 18-year-old men, Latwon Darrell Johnson, and Andrew Canty.

Johnson was the boyfriend of Paul’s daughter (from a previous marriage) Becky.

Monique was reportedly having an affair with Canty, who moved in with the family shortly after Paul left for Bahrain several months ago.

Paul, Monique, Becky, and Zeke (Paul’s 18-year-old son) all have weblogs. Police are reportedly combing these weblogs, as well as those of various friends of the family, for evidence.

Lt. Smash attempts to sort the whole sordid mess out at Military Outpost.

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