Democrats: Bunnies in Alaska More Important Than People of Louisiana

Well, the Democrats have shown their true colors.

Republicans wanted to pay for the rebuilding of New Orleans with moines from drilling in ANWR. But for the Democrats, the bunnies in Alaska were to win and the devastated people on New Orleans were to lose. And the bunnies were so important to the Democrats that they even filibustered disaster relief for Louisiana to protect them.

And make no mistake, that was the choice they made.

For the people of New Orleans, time is running out. Almost 4 months after the storm, about a million people are waiting on Congress just to even see what their homes will be worth next year. The better part of a half a million people (many poor blacks) are waiting to see if they can rebuild their tattered homes. This has real world impact.

By filibustering the bill, the Democrats put off Congressional action for months until after the recess. Meanwhile mortgage payments on damaged homes are due and the mold keeps growing.

People paying mortgage payments on a home they can’t live in don’t have another 4 months while Democrats play games. Period.

The Democrats whine that Republicans introduced the bill with ANWR on it. What freaking difference does that make? I don’t care if little green men came down from Mars and introduced the bill in a format they didn’t like.

The Democrats had a simple decision to make. And they decided that it was in the best interest of the country to protect bunnies and screw the people in Louisiana.

Are they not responsible enough to realize the real world impact of their actions?

The Dem spin doctors can try to spin it all they want… I can’t help but wonder if it was an earthquake in the liberal bastion of California how they would vote. Or in Florida THE swing state.

I think I know the answer. After the blacks in LA burned down their own community Democrats put money to rebuild LA onto a defense bill so their complaints about the Republicans doing this are completely hypocritical.

Bottom line: The Democrats had to choose between bunnies in Alaska and the people of Louisiana.

They chose the bunnies.

Update: Both Senators from Louisiana threatened to call Congress back into session over the Christmas Holiday if they did not do something. It is a long story but there is this thing called unanimous consent that came into play. A single Senator can make all the others come back. (might post more on it later) So the Dems approved a reduced version minus the ANWR provision.

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Or a hypothetical… (with a minor language warning)

If the Dems were given a hypothetical choice, bulldoze ANWR or keep Katrina from hitting which would they pick? From their voting record I can’t tell you they’d stop Katrina.

Forget drilling for oil… I don’t care if they clear cut the son of a bitch to ground and burn the stumps. (Use your brian) What is more important? A few thousands acres in Alaska or a city of a million human people?

It’s a no brainer.

Which probably explains why the Dems got it wrong.

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